Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liposuction with Dr Arthur Tjandra.

My Liposuction Experience in Medan......the turning point of my life.

I never would have expected my long years of marriage to fail .I always thought it's going to be happily ever after and given that we have 3 lovely kids , everything seems so blissful.

I was coping with my pain on my divorce and wanted very much to do something for myself to regain my figure by going for liposuction. However, I know that I couldn't possibly afford to do in Singapore as I have family commitment to raise my 3 kids.
Thus, I was thinking to do it at overseas and searching for a qualified plastic surgeon that does liposuction.
By blessings, I chanced upon Dr Arthur Tjandra's article on the newspapers and his website .
I read the Doctor 's qualification on website http://www.elixirdevie.sg/about.html. There are many before and after pics showing patients of their results. http://elixirdevie.sg/liposuctioncasestudies.html
After much read up, I was convinced and went to Medan to look for Dr Arthur for a full body transformation.

During my first visit, Dr Arthur did the liposuction of double chin, arms, abdomen, and fat transfer to buttocks. The results was truly amazing that every one noticed the change in me.

The results motivated me to be more discipline by picking up jogging again to maintain the result so that the good result of the lipo will stay forever.
Ten months later, I returned for augmentation rhinoplasty, liposuction of the whole thighs, saddle bags and jowls, as well as fat transfer to my breasts. The fat transfer to the breast was very natural . I have always been flat and after the fats transfer , I'm a Cup A now .

I'm going for my 3rd trip in June 

You can see my case study 39 http://elixirdevie.sg/liposuctioncasestudies.html
or whole body transformation at case 2       http://elixirdevie.sg/autologousfattransferforbreastaugmentation.html

And gals, I'm not advertising for Dr Arthur . I set this blog is to share my personal experience with anyone that is interested in doing liposuction so that you can get more information to decide the best for yourself.

When I was in Medan, I meet some gals who did lipo in Singapore at a costly price . However , they shared that the result was not satisfactory and they came to Medan to do revision. I was very fortunate that I did my lipo with Dr Arthur in Medan otherwise I don't know if I can afford so costly procedure and revision .

The result was so good that I'm a more confident lady now.

By God's grace, I start to understand  that hate will only bring me more pain .

The best revenge is really in a way not revenge at all. It is moving on with my life , forget about the past and focus on living the best life possible.

I definitely made the right decision to let go of the past and move on by being a better and happier person .

For those interested to know more , you can email to me at prayerjan@gmail.com , I'm most happy to share my experience and advice